Assignment 1

Hello you may have never build a web page. Here how we are going to start building a web page using the language of web known as HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language). Please read the materials on this module and type the provided html tags as is into a note pad, wordpad, frontpage or any text editor you are  familiar. Save the typing code  as index.html on the desktop (you may want to save it  somewhere else). To activate you web page go to the desktop and click on index.html. You have created a web page on your own computer but it is not yet complete (some tags are not correctly informed such as image src) and in addition it is not yet accessible from other computers on the internet. type the material (HTML code) provided in the module one as it is and view it. The next step is to fix the problem and make it your own way. For example the picture may not show since there is no correct link. On the next assignment you are going to fixed the problems and customized it to build a web for an E-commerce service.

In order to submit your assignment. you may capture the web screen shot and paste it into a word document. Make sure to save the word document as you yourname.doc and submit it as an attachment.



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