C++ Programming

Features of C++ Programming: Easy Ways

  • Explores easy ways to learn programming in C++
  • Makes the most difficult programming concepts understandable
  • Eases transition from C language to C++
  • Invites readers to participate and interact
  • Presents materials from different angles
  • While it is for beginners, it includes something for everyone
  • Knows what is important and what is not, does not overwhelm the reader
  • Includes practical ready to run prcatices with input and output
  • Forwards many first hand ideas and opinions
  • Covers data structures in an easy style
  • Combines both procedural and object oriented programming
  • Covers STL in an easy way and useful manner
  • Applies Web programming with C++
  • Demonstrates how to run a C++ program using VC++6.0, VC++.NET, Borland 5.02, and Linux GNU C++

Quick Vido Guides On C++

Quick C++ Video

C++ Programming: Easy ways Volume One

Chapter 1: TheEvolution of Computer Programming and Languages: An Overview of C and C++
Chapter 2: Input, Process, Output (IPO)
Chapter 3: Loop: Doing It Over and Over
Chapter 4: Decision Making: Making Programs Intelligent
Chapter 5: Array: Arrangement of Data
Chapter 6: Function: Organizing the Program
Chapter 7: Structure: Putting Related Items Together
Chapter 8: Object and Class: Everything as an Object of a Class
Chapter 9: File Handling: A Database
Chapter 10: Recursion: Function Calling Itself
Chapter 11: Sorting Algorithms and Analysis
Chapter 12: Searching to Look and to Find
Chapter 13: Address, Pointer Variable, Dynamic Memory Allocation
Appendix A: Visual C++6.0 Edit, Compile, and Run
Appendix B: Visual C++.NET Edit, Compile, and Run
Appendix C: Borland C++5.02 Edit, Compile, and Run with Debugger
Appendix D: Linux GNU C++

C++ Programming: Easy Ways Volume Two

Chapter 14: Data Structures
Chapter 15: Polymorphism, Template, and ADT
Chapter 16: Inheritance: Reusability and Extendability
Chapter 17: Character manipulations, String Class and Iostream
Chapter 18: Standard Template Library
Chapter 19: Errors, Exception handling and Software Engineering
Chapter 20: Potpourri (Mixed Bag)
General Tests, Projects and Solutions
Sample Case Study Solution

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C++ Easy Programming

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