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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 2:11:40 PM

Class Notes: 10/23/18

We are currently reviewing this websites for errors. 


Class Notes: 11/8/12



Angel is down

Students expressing their feelings about hurricane sandy, nor’ easter, they have no power, or no gas.


Professor wants to do two more things to do to end the semester:

  1. Javascript- we’ll talk about it next class
  2. How to do programming on the database/server using CGI

Client programming using javascript


2 weeks we will talk about javascripts and 2 weeks about CGI using C++ or ASP and Java.

We are extending module 5 to Saturday November 10th. Any concerns or comments, contact the professor.

Module 6- Javascript

Module 7- CGI


Angel is not working so we can’t look at module 5.

Professor believes that there should be full tolerance.


For final webpage, there should 7 X 2 compliance, there should be several layers, add a search box, webhosting.

The second part of the final is web error analysis of the colleges and businesses with the same format of Dr. Ebrahimi paper.