Assignment 7

1) Submit Paper - criteria to study a webpage and study of 5 web pages based on 7x2C. The paper should be readable, like a story and at the end there should be references and appendix as a separate file (because Angel may not let you submit a large file). Define the criteria and provide at  one example for your website. Pick the best web page and explain why this page is the best and similarly do the same for the worst website and explain. 

2)   C++ Programming Tutorial System (your final web page). You should provide your website link (URL), you should take a screenshot (10 pages) of your website demonstrating 7x2 features in your websites (70pts on webpage is based on 7x2c criteria), take a snapshot of your index and other web file code to identify 10 major html code (possibly 10th commandment in the first homework) your have learned (10pts-for example <a href ). Provide a snapshot demonstrating inclusion of JavaScript program in your website (10pts- JavaScript) (For example a simple search engine or date ). Provide a snapshot demonstrating either incorporation of server programming like CGI or extra features that make your website compelling and fancy (10pts- CGI or fancy features).

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