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Dr Ebrahimi

SUNY Old Westbury
223 Store Hill Rd
Old Westbury, NY 11568
School of Business
Cellphone: 917-279-4432
Personal Zoom ID: 6157421282
Classes: Monday,  Wednesday- 11:40-1:20 in 0113, Tuesday 0109

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Dr. Alireza Ebrahimi earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of New York. His graduate studies were at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences/NYU. Dr. Ebrahimi's teaching interests are Programming C/C++, Management Information Systems, Web Systems, E-Commerce, Operations Management,  Artificial Intelligence and Building Expert Systems. Dr. Ebrahimi’s research includes Managers acquaintance with technology, Web site and System analysis, Programming Language, Self-Directed Design, System Design and Computer and Human Interaction.

Dr. Ebrahimi’s works have been published in various Journals and National and International conference proceedings such as The International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, Journal of Educational Technology Systems, Ubiquitous learning, International Journal of Learning, and Association for Computing Machinery/ Computer Science Education and IEEE Xplore. Dr. Ebrahimi served as co-editor of ACM SIGCSE Inroads Special edition (Human Computer Errors) in June 2007.

 Dr. Ebrahimi published a two-volume book and several book Chapters. Dr. Ebrahimi invented: Web VPCL (with USPTO) and developed a criteria to evaluate web sites called 7x2 C's with seven (7) layers of application and development. 

Dr. Ebrahimi received two Chancellors’ awards for Excellence in Teaching in 1993 and in Scholarship and Creativity in 2006 from the State University of New York. Dr. Ebrahimi served as chair of Computer Information Science/Management Information Systems for three years. Dr. Ebrahimi has served as chair of faculty rights, responsibilities for three terms a. Dr. Ebrahimi served as Director/Chair of Teaching for Learning Center (TLC) at SUNY Old Westbury and founded and organized Annual faculty Conference for more than a decade. 

His research "Expressing Programming Algorithms with Poetic Language" was published in June 2014 edition of ACM Inroads. Dr. Ebrahimi's system known as VPCL was published as a book chapter in Handbook of Research on Maximizing Cognitive Learning through Knowledge Visualization in 2015. His current work is creating awareness system for covid-19 presented and published IEEE/ISTAS20 conference in 2020 and IEEE Computational Science & Computational Intelligence (CSCI) in 2021.

Dr. Ebrahimi Self-directed design's work was presented in SUNY CIT 2022 and the research work in embedding programming in the curriculum was presented at the World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE) in June 2022.  



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